Design, Visualize, Present. All with a Text.

Generative AI Design


XR Digital is a revolutionary Generative AI-based Architectural Designing tool that transforms a simple text prompt and sketch into detailed, 3D architectural designs.

Our Core Services

One-Stop Shop for Designing

Sketch to Design

Transform basic hand-drawn sketches into intricate 3D architectural models.

Text Prompt to Design

Convert descriptive text prompts into detailed architectural visuals instantly.

Photograph to Design

Use photographs of spaces or structures to generate and enhance 3D architectural designs.

Why Our Apps

Designing the Future, One Prompt at a Time.

XR Digital is poised to revolutionize the architectural design industry, making design more accessible, intuitive, and collaborative. With the power of Generative AI, we’re not just designing buildings; we’re building the future.

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What We Make

You get to experience all of this juts in one app.

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