Extended Reality (XR)

Explore the immersive world of Extended Reality (XR) with XR Digital’s specialized services. Whether it’s Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR), our experts create captivating experiences for entertainment, education, and business applications. From development to design, we redefine the boundaries of digital reality.

Augmented Reality (AR)

XR Digital offers effective solutions using augmented reality technology that can be used in any field of activity. Visualization is an effective business tool that offers a high degree of interactivity, flexibility in presentation and user interaction.

Augmented reality helps to increase productivity, simplify complex procedures and save money by working with effects in real time.

Custom AR Development

XR Digital’s AR developers build amazing AR apps that extend real-world scenes with video transmission, image recognition, and 3D rendering, providing an interactive user experience.

AR Experience Design

XR Digital’s AR developers craft immersive brand experiences, allowing customers to interact with products, services, or spaces from their own devices.

Android AR Development

Specifically focused on developing AR applications for Android, XR Digital’s AR developers support both location and marker-based apps.

Virtual Reality (VR)

XR Digital creates immersive experiences that transport users to alternate realities, whether for entertainment, education, or business applications. To immerse in digital reality, just put on VR glasses or use any device with a camera to bring visuals to life.

VR App Development

Virtual reality apps have seen rapid growth in popularity, augmented using new VR headsets. XR Digital’s VR developers can comfortably create virtual environments for mobile or dedicated hardware.

VR Design

Design within virtual reality is a nascent field where old norms for UI and UX Design do not readily apply. XR Digital’s VR designers are contributing to the future of VR and provide design support in the prototyping, 3D modeling, and visualization of any virtual reality project.

Unity Support

Primarily an advanced game engine, Unity is also able to power virtual reality apps. Senior XR Digital’s Unity, Unity3d, and Unreal Engine developers can generate incredible graphics for your application.

3D Rendering & Animation

Visualize your concepts in stunning detail with our 3D Rendering & Animation services. Whether it’s architectural visualization, product modeling, or animated content, we bring your ideas to life with precision and creativity.

XR Digital provides services of three-dimensional modeling of real or non-existent volumetric details and objects.

3D Animation

XR Digital’s skilled animators choreograph everything from facial expressions to action scenes, giving characters life, depth, and appealing narratives.


XR Digital’s skilled render artists meticulously enhance lighting, textures, and camera angles, infusing each frame with artistic finesse to create an animation that captivates the viewer.


XR Digital’s riggers work in close collaboration with animators, ensuring that the characters’ performances align with the intended emotional and narrative nuances.